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Grants Consultant & Writer

Tired of the try-fail grants cycle?

Prospects lined up for the fiscal year, organizational language you're actually proud of, an unread "Congratulations!" award announcement in your email inbox. 

Sound like a dream world? Me too.

Let me guess... You'd love to have a grants management strategy, but you're tired. You don't have time. You don't know where to start. 


I help nonprofit folks demystify the grants world by fast-tracking them to what they actually need. Things like best-fit funding prospects, proposal templates, recommendations for grant cultivation, spiffed up organizational language, and best practices as you navigate what's next. The stuff that sets you up for not just grants success, but long-term sustainability.


If this sounds like you, read on. 

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What people are saying

I would highly recommend Katie Greener if you are seeking a talented writing professional. Her collaborative spirit and impeccable gift of listening has served our organization in a multitude of ways. Her ability to engage a reader in the grants or topics she writes about is superior. I have been privileged to work with many talented writers in my non-profit career, Katie absolutely tops the list. She is articulate, creative, interesting, and so engaging. It continues to be my honor to contract with a talented professional such as Katie!

LaChelle Williams | ED of HOPE 4 Youth

"We had the opportunity to partner with Katie on a recent grant submission (valued in the six figures). Our organization has written grants before but hasn't always had the success rate we strive for. I can say without a doubt that working with Katie on this recent project has led us to submit the most competitive grant we've ever had. Through various conversations, research, and information sharing she was able to capture the vision for our project perfectly and developed a solid case for support/funding. We're confident and proud of the work submitted and look forward to partnering with Katie in the future to help develop our grant strategy and portfolio to enable our mission to grow even further."

Caroline Chan, MA, LNHA | CDO of Bethesda Willmar

"Katie worked for me. She is quick minded, ethical, efficient and good at whatever she does. I was impressed with her self initiative.

She can write quickly and well."

Heather Walker Peterson, Ph.D. | Author, Professor

"Katie was a joy to work with. She is personable and able to present information in a helpful manner. Her ability to listen to the needs of our organization and properly offer assistance were outstanding. The clarity she provides in how her services would benefit our organization were top notch and made the decision to utilize her services quite easy. The monthly work that she completed was well researched, done in the timeframe agreed to, and presented & provided in a manner that was useful and easy to understand. In each project that she completed, her competency to provide new foundations to apply with, a timeline to develop relationships with foundations, and enhanced verbiage not only immediately helped our organization but will also be beneficial for us in years to come! She followed through with her commitment and built my trust by doing so. Anyone interested in hiring her would get high praise and a strong recommendation from me!"

Rob Warland | Executive Director of createMPLS


I’m Katie. I’m a grants consultant in small-town Windom, MN helping people demystify the grants world. I love compelling communication, like the kind you'd find in a solid grant proposal or pithy quote. I’m a softie for fresh flowers. I have a B.A. in English and married my best friend. My favorites: the North Shore, homegrown asparagus, long walks, and asking “how can we make this better?”



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