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Image by Weston MacKinnon


I’m Katie. I’m a grants consultant in small-town Windom, MN helping people demystify the grants world. I love compelling communication, like the kind you'd find in a solid grant proposal or pithy quote. I’m a softie for fresh flowers. I have a B.A. in English and married my best friend. My favorites: the North Shore, homegrown asparagus, long walks, and asking “how can we make this better?”

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A bit more:

I’m from New Brighton, MN, where suburban streets were my stomping grounds. My parents taught me the art of being a good neighbor, and living just two miles from both sets of grandparents provided endless lessons in the beauty of being available. 

I attended the University of Northwestern-St. Paul and received my Bachelor of Arts in English. Here, I worked various jobs and internships where I grew to love one-on-one mentorship and eventually the world of grant writing.


After moving to Windom for my husband's pastoral role, I've worked in rural hospital administration, community engagement, and marketing. In these roles, I became passionate about process improvement and demystifying the grant writing experience. 

I've found that successful grant management requires bespoke communication that understands the nuances of excellent craft and the importance of personal touch. I like to say that I'm a "people in your corner" kind of person. Working with someone who knows the ins and outs of grants research and writing can save precious time and heartache. Not to mention, set you straight for grants success.


Outside of work, you can find me in the ALDI produce aisle, watering houseplants, or planning a hiking trip.

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