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You want to win a grant, but don't know where to begin. 

You know you need to diversify your funding streams, and winning a grant seems like a great option. But where do you find them? And when you do find one, where do you start? Sure, you know your programs inside and out, but to write about them?! (Sounds like College Composition all over again...)

Submitting a grant feels like a shot in the dark.

You're sick of wondering whether you'll get a grant or why you keep getting denied. You had what seemed like the perfect proposal, only to get a rejection letter. Convincing your board to apply for grants is getting embarrassing, and it's all starting to feel, well, personal

You don't have time. 

Your friend forwards you the perfect grant opportunity. But taking time to actually apply? You're wearing so many hats already. The idea of pulling together an application, researching grants, or managing a grant award is out of the question. 

You're not alone. 

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I'll show you how to stop the madness and start taking next steps toward grant success.


Having someone in your corner who "gets" you.

Getting a list of prospective funders that actually match your organization.

Being proud of your organizational language.

Confidently submitting proposals without the paranoia of "wasting time."

Being in a spot where your org is stable, even if you are denied a grant.

Having new wind in your sails for fundraising strategies.

Here's how it works.

Research Dirty Work

Knowing what opportunities are out there is the key to submitting & winning grant awards. Yet, all the time I hear folks say, "Where do we begin to find grants?" Or, "we don't have time."


With my industry knowledge and access to research tools, I'll do the dirty work of finding prospective funders that align with your organization. What you'll get is an organized list of strong matches to help you streamline the grant solicitation process.


Knowing when to begin grant solicitation can be even more daunting. So, I’ll develop a schedule for you full of proposal deadlines, research opportunities, or grants stewardship tasks. Submission schedules are the core of successful grants management and can help you map out the year with confidence and clarity.

Content Spiff Up

There is a finesse to excellent grant copy, even in the shortest of applications. A professional review of your content can catch oversights and make sure your work is in the best possible shape before it hits the desk of funders. 


This is perfect if you’re eager to branch into the grants world but need to spiff up your organizational language. I'll take the wordsmithing off your plate and work with you to write compelling grant copy that accurately reflects your organization. What I’ll deliver are recommendations for content improvement, high-quality content tailored to prospective funders, or standardized copy easily editable for a wide range of proposals. 

In-Your-Corner Consulting

Not sure where to begin? Need someone in your corner? I tell folks that I'm a "people in your corner" kind of person. I'm passionate about hearing where your organization is at and helping you determine what's next. One-time sessions or ongoing consulting will guide you in best practices and customized next steps that position you for success. 


Or, maybe you've got an established fundraising team but need an experienced grant writer temporarily. Let me support you without the hassle of new employee orientation. I can adapt to your needs—for a long while or short while—and turn around projects quickly.

Not sure if you're ready?

Check out my client readiness checklist.

Then, let's talk.

Help me understand where your organization is at so I know how to best work with you. Snag my "Readiness Checklist" here!
Your responses will guide our initial consultation.

How Pricing Works

Positioning clients for success in the grants world is my number one priority. A shared framework of ethical grantmaking is foundational to positive working relationships, for one, but also long-term grants success far beyond a consultant-client relationship. 


I abide by the Grant Processionals Association Code of Ethics for pay structure. Which means no commission-based pay, percentage-pay, or finder's fees. They're wholeheartedly frowned upon in the grant-making community. In other words, I frown upon them too. 

Instead, I offer grant packages that emphasize value, efficiency, and common-sense strategies. Book a call with me to find the best package for you!


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Want to work together? Have a grant writing question? Fill out the form to get in touch. I'll follow up with you.

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